How Much Should A Cell Phone Repair Cost? A Breakdown

Cell Phone Repair Cost

How Much Should A Cell Phone Repair Cost? A Breakdown

November 21, 2023

Cell phones have become a crucial gadget that we cannot live without. From waking up to an alarm to finding an ideal route to work, cell phones play a pivotal role in helping us get through the day! However, accidents happen, and our lifelines, also known as cell phones, can easily be damaged. From cracked screens to short-circuited chargers, the nightmares are endless. But don’t worry! We are going to tell you easy tips and tricks to get you through your ordeal, including details about cell phone repair costs.

What Affects the Cost of Cell Phone Repairs?

A lot of factors play into the cost of cellphone repair, including brand, model, condition, warranty coverage, etc. Having the right knowledge about these factors can make all the difference in your decision to get a cell phone repair service.

1. The phone type or brand

The type of phone you have can be a powerful contributing factor when evaluating the expense of a cell phone repair. For instance, Samsung’s newest models are notoriously expensive to repair. In contrast, iPhone repair cost is believed to be less expensive.

2. Model and age of the phone

The model of the phone also impacts the cost of repair. The latest and newest models of phones are expensive to repair because of their cutting-edge technology, software, and design. On the other hand, old phones are less expensive to repair. However, in some cases, it is very difficult to find spare parts for cell phones that are no longer in production, which can drive up the cost of repair.

3. Phone’s warranty coverage

You may end up paying a lot less money or nothing at all on phone repair if your phone is still under warranty. Some manufacturers and dealers also offer prolonged warranty or insurance plans for people who always seem to be dropping their phones. If you have that, you can take advantage of discounted repairs. On the other hand, out-of-warranty phones are generally repaired at a higher price.

4. The extent of the damage

The scope of the damage to your phone significantly influences the cost of cell phone repair. In case of minor impairments, you may be charged a low fee. However, for heavy damages, like a busted screen or water damage, you might have to pay a higher cost. In such cases, we recommend phone replacements and upgrades.

5. Cost of Replacement Parts

Depending on the damaged part, the cost of repairs can go up and down. If a typical part is damaged, like a microphone, earpiece, or button, it can be repaired cheaply. However, more specialized repairs and replacement parts are required for significant damages such as software crashes, camera damage, and IC damage. Such repairs can increase the cost.

Common types of Cell Phone Damages and their Repairs

Some of the most common types of damage your cell phone can go through are:

1. Screen replacement

Screen damage is one of the most common types of repair requirements in a cell phone. Since the screen is one of the most fragile parts of a cell phone, it doesn’t take much time to crack. If you are not extra careful with your device, a slight drop or hit can result in screen damage.

On average, the expense to repair the cell phone screen will be:

  • An iPhone screen will cost you anything between $100 to $300.
  • Replacing an Android screen will cost you around $50 to $200.

2. Battery replacement

Over time, a cell phone’s battery tends to lose its capacity to hold charge. In some cases, batteries can overheat and swell up and cause physical device damage. Changing chargers is an option, but the only permanent solution to this problem is battery replacement.

On average, the cost of replacing a cell phone battery is:

  • An iPhone battery will cost you somewhere between $50 to $100.
  • Replacing an Android phone battery will cost you between $30 to $70.

3. Water damage repair

Water damage is another common problem that phone users generally face. Whether it’s a full-fledged swimming pool drop or a slight exposure to rain, water is never good for electronic devices. If your device is water resistant, you may be okay with a little splash here and there. However, if it’s not water resistant, you may end up dealing with a moisture problem.

In general, paying for repairs against water damage looks like this:

  • An iPhone with water damage will cost around $70 to $400.
  • An Android phone repair with water damage will cost you around $50 to $250.

4. Charging port repair

Your charging port can get damaged due to overuse, mishandling, or faulty electric wiring. Charging port is common, but it’s not very expensive. Ideally, for any phone, it will cost you around $40 to $100.

5. Software issues

Although most software problems can be resolved at home by uninstalling/installing the problematic app or conducting a factory reset, some software issues may demand professional assistance. Depending on your phone model, brand, and the kind of software issue, it can cost you around $50 to $150.

6. Camera repair

Camera damage is also a common experience for mobile users. Sometimes, it’s physical damage, like camera glass breakage. Other times, it’s a camera malfunction. Whatever the issue may be, if your phone’s camera isn’t working, the phone is practically of no use.
A cell phone camera repair can charge you:

  • Anything from $50 to $200 if you own an iPhone.
  • Anything from $30 to $100 if you happen to be an Android user.

7. Speaker repair

Water and accidental damage are usually the causes behind speaker issues. When your phone speaker gets damaged, it can compromise your phone’s sound quality, resulting in distorted sound or no audio at all. The cost of repairing or replacing your phone’s speakers depends on the kind of phone you have:

On average, the cost of repairing speakers will be:

  • For an iPhone, it will be around $50 to $100.
  • For an Android speaker, it will cost you between $40 to $100.

How to Save Costs on Phone Repairs

The first rule of saving costs on cell phone repairs is to take good care of your phone and try not to mishandle it, especially if you are working around water or doing some rash activities. However, if you have damaged your phone, then here are some tips to help you save costs on phone repairs:

Tip 1: Discounts or Promotional Offers

Ask the repair shop for any discounts or promotional offers they might be running. Shops usually have a promo running, especially for brands that aren’t doing so well in the market.

Tip 2: Claim a Warranty

Check if your phone is still under warranty and try to get the damages repaired free of cost. Even if the damage is not covered in your warranty, you might still cut a bargain on your repair costs if you deal tactfully.

Tip 3: Care and Maintenance

Regular maintenance and taking care of your phone are also key to preventing any serious damage to your phone. Moreover, investing in a good protective case and screen protector can protect your phone from potential damage.

Tip 4: Think Before You Choose

As we all know, a stitch in time saves nine. While opting for repairs or replacements for your phone, think about upgrading your phone instead. In some cases, the cost you are to pay for the repairs is equal to or more than what it will cost to upgrade to a new phone.

Tip 5: Credibility and Reviews

Always check the credibility and reviews of repair shops before giving them your phone. Unauthorized and inexperienced repair shops will use sub-quality spare parts and cause further damage to your phone. Cell Phone Hospital is specially trained in diagnosing all kinds of cell phone issues. With years of experience and great reviews overall, we can provide you with the best quality spare parts and excellent repair services.

Consult a Phone Repair Shop for Professional Repair

Before grabbing that bag of rice to fix your water-damaged phone or getting your toolbox in hopes of prying open your phone case, consult a repair professional. In most cases, DIY repairs and YouTube videos end up doing more harm to your phone than good. So, rather than attempting to fix your phone yourself, visit our experts at the Cell Phone Hospital.

Our expert technicians will not only help you analyze the problem, but they will also have all the essential tools, understanding, and expertise required to interpret your phone problem and offer you cheap cell phone repair options. We will give you a secure and trustworthy consultation as well as repairs or replacements, in addition to being super cost-effective.