Laptop Screen Repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Broken Laptop Screen

Your laptop. What would you do without it? Hopefully, you’ll never have to find out. For some people, laptops have all but replaced desktops in the home because of their convenience and versatility. We do everything on our laptops: work, play, socialize, bank, budget, shop. You name it.

But what happens if something goes wrong? What if your screen cracks? What if your monitor won’t turn on? What happens if you have inky-looking splotches all over your screen?

Your screen may need a repair or replacement. Sure, there are plenty of online resources for D-I-Y fixes, but these can be time-consuming. Chances are, you need your laptop up and running yesterday. A laptop is an investment. You want the help of a professional to get your laptop working again.

Broken laptop's screen

Most Common Types of Laptop Screen Damage

Scratched, Cracked, or Broken Glass

Laptop screens are fragile. Sometimes even holding them the wrong way can cause damage. Over time, or from a big fall, laptops may get scratched, cracked, or broken glass.

Black “Ink Spots”

The internal glass has cracked, causing the liquid crystal to pool into the screen. Internal cracks occur when too much pressure or force is applied to the screen. This can happen if something hits the screen. If you try to close the laptop and an object is between the screen and keyboard, you might get ink spots. Even holding the laptop by its screen can cause internal cracking.

Dark or Light Spots

Dark or light spots occur when something hits the screen. This causes damage to the backlight. The screen isn’t cracked or broken, but an area of the screen was compressed and damaged.


If there’s no physical damage to your laptop, but it’s not showing a picture, there’s discoloration, irregular resolution, or pixelation, or if there are problems with the backlighting, your screen may be susceptible to swelling. This is particularly so if you’re moving rapidly between different climates.

working on laptop

Most Common Types of Laptop Screen Damage

Laptop Screen Repair Process

Before we go ahead with the repair, we make sure that your screen actually needs a repair. Maybe you dropped your laptop and assumed the screen was broken since it had a little crack somewhere on the screen, when in fact, something else is wrong. If you have a dim image or the backlight flickers, it may be a faulty inverter. In that case, we would recommend you replace the inverter and see if that does the trick.

Repairing a laptop screen almost always means replacing it. We replace the screen when we can see an image from your laptop on an external screen, but not on your screen.

We can usually order a new screen just by looking at the model number on your laptop. Sometimes, we need the part number on the LCD screen.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Laptop Screen?

The answer to this question depends on the laptop. A touch screen, for example, will cost more than a regular screen. A larger screen will cost more than a smaller screen. The screen from an older laptop will cost less to repair than a newer one. Your best bet is to call a professional and get a quote.

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