iPhone 13 Pro Max Review

April 7, 2022 Chad Leonard No Comments

  Image Source – pixabay | Image by – Monoar_CGI_Artist Apple introduces its new flagship iPhone 13 pro max on 14 Sep 2021. This iPhone 13 pro max is best for those who want long battery life, a fast-performing processor, and a high-quality camera setup. Apple company finally upgraded its display. It uses OLED with a […]

Why Cell Phone is Important

April 1, 2022 Chad Leonard No Comments

A Cell Phone is a way to connect with others. It is a very efficient device to communicate with others effortlessly. Cellphones are prevalent among young adults because they use their cellphone for study purposes like taking online lectures and sending and receiving assignments using their cellphones. It is necessary for people worldwide because it […]

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus review

March 22, 2022 Chad Leonard No Comments

Image Source – flicker | Image by – Le Davidthien Samsung released its all-new S22 Plus Phone with some great features and boosting a whole new design with a better display, new camera sets, and a great new processor with an equally matching battery pack to keep you going throughout the day. What do we have […]